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  • Related articles

    Dive deaper into any given subject by reading from other sources, that might have opposing views.
  • Social network comments/feedback

    Quickly access opinioins from other social networks.
  • Fact check

    Important entities (such as people and places) are identified and linked to Wikipedia, Wolfram|Alpha or other knowledgebases.
  • Informed judgements

    Get a broader view and avoid echo chambers.
Example shows additional information attached to a tweet


Report content

Users can contribute by rating an article of content to helps us asses it's validity and make sure it's written with the journalism code of ethics in mind.

Content contributions

You can suggest additional links you consider relevant to the subject. They will be analyzed through the same intake process as the rest of our content, with the addition of your reputation as an effect. We believe that will provide additional breadth of research on a given topic.

Protoype shows how a user can do further research on the topic



The reputation for an individual source is calculated by taking into account the history of scores from the articles it's associated with. This makes the most significant factor of its credibility, consistent over time, instead of being judged based on an individual basis or entirely by short-term trends. We also take into account some of the established third-party information to assess the reputation of a given source (Web Archive, Opensources, Google News and similar).


Everytime you choose to contribute to the platform by voting or reporting, we take a stock of your current reputation and account for your vote in accordance with your past voting history. We don't penalize you in any way for disagreeing with the consensus, even if your vote doesn't turn out to be relevant to the userbase at large, we still respect your preferences as much as we can - so vote as freely as you want. To have a positive affect on your reputation overall, the content voted on must be considered related by our server and have a high score.

If you would like to contribute as a journalist or another expert in your respective field, the ability to connect social accounts ( verified Twitter, verified Facebook ) would also contribute to your reputation.

Reputation is shown next to the article